Soosiz By Touch Foo
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  • Explore 7 beautiful worlds
  • Complete 65 challenging levels
  • Beat 7 bosses in epic battles
  • Discover all the secrets
  • Master the unique gameplay mechanics
  • Soosiz
    for iPhone and iPod touch
    Available on the App Store
  • Soosiz HD
    for iPad
    Available on the App Store

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  • Soosiz is to the iPhone what Super Mario Bros is for the NES, a must have.
    TouchGen | Soosiz review Rating: 5/5
  • Soosiz is pure awesomeness due to great graphics, pixel-prefect controls, and gravity-spinning gameplay.
    148Apps | Soosiz Rating: 4.5/5 - Amazing
  • Soosiz manages to capture almost everything that was great about platformers from years gone by, as well as spinning the genre on its head - quite literally.
    Pocket Gamer | Soosiz review Rating: Silver Award
  • This is the first title to hit the iPhone that provides the true platformer experience, and then flips it on its head. The game is an absolute wonderful experience, and then there are great sounds, visuals, and controls.
    App Advice | Review: Soosiz Rating: 5/5 - Must Have
  • This developer has polished its game so well that it deserves to be recognized as the most Shigeru Miyamoto-esque platformer yet released for the iPhone and iPod touch.
    iLounge | iPhone Gems iLounge Rating: A-
  • The game is incredibly well executed with excellent controls, has a ton of content and is a lot of fun. We highly recommend it.
    Touch Arcade | 'Soosiz' - A Pretty Amazing 2D Platformer
  • Soosiz managed to beat all odds and catapult itself to now THREE of the iPhone's best platformer levels.
    The APPera | Soosiz Review: The Epic Bridge Between Rolando 2 And Gomi